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Our courses Advanced of web design and publishing prepare our students to make SEO optimization and work in wordpress platform to make dynamic custom web site for professional design & take internship live project works to expertise more.


Module 1 : Getting Started with HTML- 6 hrs

What is HTML 5?
Elements, tag , attributes, images, Hyperlink
HTML5 List and forms
HTML5 Graphics
HTML 5 Basic APIs

Module 2 : Getting Started with CSS- 8 hrs

What and Why it is called CSS?
Why is CSS important?
CSS Rule
Incorporating CSS in HTML page
Using HTML classes and IDs
CSS box model and CSS outline
Layout and Positioning
Responsive Design using CSS

Module 3 : Getting Started with Java- 16 hrs

Why Java?
Java Compilation Process
Introduction to Variables
Integers and Concatenation
Variables - Floats, Chars, Doubles and Shorts, Booleans
Java Basic Operations
Conditional Statements
For and While Loops
Introduction to Methods , Parameters and Return Types in Java
Class and Objects
Access Modifiers and Intro to Constructors
Java Class Library
ArrayLists and HashMaps

Module 4 : Getting Started with SQLite- 6 hrs

Installation and Configuration of SQLite
Creation of Table using DDL
Insert, Delete and Update queries
Creation of SQL Script

Module 5 : Getting Started with Android- 24 hrs

Installation and Configuration
Install JDK on Windows Machine
How to Set JAVA_HOME on Windows 10
Install Android Studio on Windows
The Android Studio IDE - Setup and Run App
Android Platform Architecture

Module 6 : The Android Studio

Android File Structure
XML Files
Android User Interface and Constraint Layout

Module 7 : Android Studio - User Interface XML Properties

The R.java File
The Manifest.xml File

Module 8 : Introduction to Textviews and Buttons

EditText - Show Name App
Source Code Files

Module 9 : Designing App Visuals :

Radio Button,
Toggle Buttons ,
Calculator App

Module 10 : Debugging: Breakpoints and Logging

Module 11 : Activities and How to work in Navigation

What's An Activity?
Activity Life Cycle
Navigate to a Different Activity
Passing Data Between Activities,
Passing Data Back to First Activity,
Activity Source Code

Module 12 : Introduction to RecyclerView

Module 13 : User Interface

Deeper Look at XML Layouts - LinearLayout
Relative Layout
Table Layout
Android Styles Layouts and Them

Module 14 : Introduction to Android MediaPlayer

Module 15 : Introduction to HTTP and JSON Data

HTTP Request and Networking
What's an Android Library?
JSON ArrayRequest
String Request
JSON ObjectRequest
Let's Build an App - Demo

Module 16 : Google Map and Geo Coding

Introduction to Location Based Applications - Google Maps
Maps - Adding Multiple Markers
Source code - Adding Markers
Getting Current Location and Updating Locations
Location and Maps - Update Location and Add Multiple Markers to Map
Introduction to Geocoding - Getting Address from Lat and Lang

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