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Our courses Advanced of web design and publishing prepare our students to make SEO optimization and work in wordpress platform to make dynamic custom web site for professional design & take internship live project works to expertise more.


Module 1 : Getting Started with HTML- 8 hrs

Web 2.0, web 3.0, Domain Name and Domain Name Server
Web Development Design Principles and Guidelines
Current Web Design Trends
From HTML 1.0 to HTML5
What is HTML 5?
Elements, tag , attributes, images, Hyperlink
HTML5 List and forms
HTML5 Graphics
HTML 5 Basic APIs

Module 2 : Getting Started with CSS- 10 hrs

What and Why it is called CSS?
Why is CSS important?
CSS Rule
Incorporating CSS in HTML page
Using HTML classes and IDs
CSS box model and CSS outline
Layout and Positioning
Responsive Design using CSS

Module 3 : Getting Started with JavaScript- 12 hrs

JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3
JavaScript overview
Your first HTML/CSS/JS page
Variables, values, functions, operators, and expressions
Conditional statements, loops and logical operators
Functions and CallBacks
Organizing the code in separate files : html,css and javascript
Building and Validating the Login and Sign Form
Integration of SignForm with Facebook and Gmail
JSON Notation

Module 4 : Getting Started with MySQL- 6 hrs

Installation and Configuration of MySQL
Creation of Table using DDL
Insert, Delete and Update queries
Creation of SQL Script

Module 5 : Getting Started with PHP- 12 hrs

Introduction of PHP
Variables, Data types and expressions, Arrays
Conditional statements
Connecting with MySQL Database
Insert, Update and retrieve to/from MySQL database
Sending Email, Cookies and Sessions

Module 6 : Building your own responsive website- 10 hrs

Module 7 : Hosting your website- 2 hrs

Finding your Domain and Hosting Space
Uploading and configuration your website using godaddy, etc
How to increase your website hits ?